3 Tips for Tumbler Wizardry

3 Tips for Tumbler Wizardry

In 2021, Mom bought 5 Tumblers to "see if we like making them" lol. 8 cases later (50 in per case) we gathered some what NOT to do and what is AMAZING! 

Creating your own tumbler don't have to be super complex. These tips will help you create or design your own

  1. Image quality  The highest image resolution makes a beautiful tumbler. Well we found out the hard way digital photos saved from social media is NOT a great source and can be really blurry diluted images. We quickly learned that the best image source comes from the designer, via Esty, Design bundles or create your own design. Photos work amazing too! 
  2. Names Placing your name on the tumbler works best vertical and on the side of the image. You do NOT want the name to wrap around the tumbler (like reading a book). What happens is you loose the effect of your design, making it hard to read. Definitely keep this in mind if you want a saying on the tumbler - being able to read it at a glance makes a pretty design!
  3. Colors Well we have to admit this was a super big learning curve! Dark colors are not our friend. The process to press the design onto the tumbler is called Sublimation and requires heat.  Dark colors like Black, like to turn BROWN yuck!! Possibly with the right heat press and crossing our fingers, we could deliver a mostly black tumbler. Basically you would want to avoid a black/dark background or a solid color.

While we work on these tumblers we noticed that sometimes there are some small imperfections. Sublimation is a hand crafted project so there is bound to be some. We quality control what gets sent to the customer. I enjoy doing resin tumblers and can re use these in my resin art crafting! Win Win

The website has a Your design here tumbler https://limitlesslunardesigns.com/products/20oz-custom-design-your-own-tumbler. You can upload your design/logo/photo and include a name if you want. Please add to cart the different names separately - it helps us track your order better!  

If you are looking for a design searching through a store you would want to use the wording " 20oz skinny tumbler design download". We have hundreds of digital designs and your welcome to ask us if we have the file.. *** Kenzie offers design service if you would like to work one on one. Please use the Chat Box at the bottom of the website

NOTE: we do not support copywrite, designers work hard to create their images

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