Who Are We?

     At Limitless Lunar Designs we are about creating magical creations. As a mother and daughter team we inspire, push (with ups and downs lol) and create our art that will be loved for years.

Kenzie (daughter) graduated in Covid of 2020 - the world stopped spinning for her. High School was full of photography, editing and designing. Her passion is digital design and she started exploring opportunities in the digital arts. In her exploration she fell in love with the laser community. Being able to take an idea and physically hold it in your hand is pure magic!

Tonia (momma) had a passion for the arts herself in high school. Creating with acrylic, water color and pen & ink. She had an opportunity to go to professional arts school but having kids has put that on the back burner. Tonia focused for years on accounting and taxes for businesses, but Kenzie inspired her to take up the torch again. Tonia fell in love again, this time with digital arts. Being able to share your passion with your daughter is a true blessing! 

Not only are we a team, we are a family. As a family we inspire each other, and push each other to do our best. This business started off as an idea between a daughter and a mother, which blossomed into a possibility. That possibility evolved into an actual business, with actual clients - you! 

We are truly blessed to have you on our journey with us. Thank you for all your support!


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